Who is the boss – You or your emotions?

Emotions are the life within us. They make us laugh, cry or get angry. Without emotions there would be no difference between us and inanimate things like the walls of our house. All living things are blessed with emotions but while animals can only act on their emotions, humans are supposed to have the special ability to analyze and manage their emotions.

Everyday, there are moments when we are happy, sad or angry. How we let those emotions affect our behavior is what defines us. Emotions can be very powerful tools provided they are channelized properly. All of us have tragic incidents, instances causing resentment and anger haunting. But the secret of living a happy and stress free life is to try and eliminate all such negative feelings by making peace with them and not carry that emotional baggage. Focus on the brighter side of things. It is estimated that a person talks to himself 65000 times a day on an average. Imagine the effect it will have on his psyche if he talks only about the good things in life. As the popular mantra goes – Just ’Be Positive’ and see the difference.

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