The Power of ‘NOW’

Take a look around. There are a lot of people with potential in this world. Unfortunately, only a third of them exploit it well. One of the top reasons for it is said to be procrastination. It is human tendency to postpone doing some things. But when this tendency assumes chronic proportions, its repercussions will be felt.

To think of it, procrastination is one of the most illogical things one can do. You want to do a particular task, but you will do anything to actually avoid doing it! Doesn’t make sense, does it? Psychologists explain this condition with equally illogical reasons ranging from fear of failure, tendency to self sabotage to simple lack of planning.

It is said that ordinary people think merely of spending time whereas the smart ones think of using it. So the next time you catch yourself putting something off, ask ‘Why not now?’ There are a lot of advantages in doing things in the present – momentum, fresh motivation, more productivity and the immense sense of achievement associated with completing a task. Give it a try and you’ll realize that time is yours provided you use it wisely.

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