How To Sell Yourself In A Thank You Letter

A majority of candidates don’t think necessity to write a thank you letter after job interview

There are four perks of sending a thank you letter.

1) It displays your attitude. Your attitude to respond to the recruiting manager for his time and efforts in the meeting. It displays how courteous you are.

2) It is an opportunity to thank employer: When writing a thank you note, always begin with thank you so much for your time, and I enjoyed meeting you.

3) It is an opportunity to sell yourself: After thanking them, write your sales pitch. Assert you are a great fit and suitable candidate for the job.

4) It is a change to convince your interest about the job: it is to assure the employer of your eagerness, fervor, and interest in the job.

Now, when you decide to write a thank you letter, you will face following questions.

How to thank the recruiting manager.

When to send the thank you letter?

What to say in the thank-you letter?

Whether an email or handwritten message?

There are two most important aspects of the thank you process.

In thanking someone swiftness and kindness is important to make your thank you effective.

Swiftness is how fast you respond after an interview. Within 24 hours is recommended.

Kindness is the amount of effort and gratitude that your words convey in the thank-you.

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