Prepare For That Tough Job Interview Question

Attending an interview is a stressful encounter. Even the experienced professionals get stressed during an interview session. The situation will become more stressful when you have to face a tough question. The question for which you are not prepared. The question where a majority of the applicants get stressed or doesn’t answer the question appropriately is when asked about their weakness.

An invite for an interview is an opportunity; you must practice taking advantage of the opportunity. Opportunity don’t knock on your door often. When it do come, do whatever it takes to grab the opportunity and turn it in your favour.

It is important to recognise that all of us have weaknesses. No one is perfect; all have weaknesses and strengths. Instead of trying to hide your weakness or answering the question in a manner that jeopardises your chances of getting selected, manage the question to your advantage.

When the hiring manager ask you, what is your weakness, don’t panic. Stay calm, take a deep breath and explain the situations from your experience where you did not know how to handle the situation, and later once you realised your weakness, you took steps to learn how to manage. Example, you were in a conflict situation, and you didn’t know how to handle a conflict situation. And after this incident, you took the initiative and learnt conflict management.

This approach will help you to show how mindful are you of your weakness and proactive in addressing the weakness and make an effort to handle it better in future.

Another example of answering the question is; in the past you were too involved in your work and in the process, often, ignored your personal life and family. Once you realised it you do a proper time management and allocate time to take care of your health and spend time with your family. And this has helped you to stay energised and more productive, and you are getting support from your family.

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