Personal Branding to Build your Market Value

It is not called a job ‘market’ for nothing. With tough competition from all quarters, the onus now is on a candidate’s marketability more than ever. Terms like Unique Selling proposition (USP), product differentiation and Return on Investment (ROI) are as relevant to brand ‘You’ as to the car you buy.  In this dog-eat-dog world of 6.5 billion people, its your ability to set yourself apart that will ensure you a good career and hence a good life.

Personal branding is the way one projects oneself in the external world. Everything you say or do contributes to the perception people have of you and eventually shapes the brand called ’You’.  Bottom-line – your brand is a promise of the value one will receive and is a reflection of what you stand for. It encompasses everything from your personality, appearance, core competencies and strengths to what sets you apart from the rest. A strong personal brand will help you attract opportunities effortlessly and gain recognition in your area of expertise.

Its never too late, after all better late than never.

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