Mind Over Matter

While all of us would like to believe that we are in complete control of everything, the truth is far from it. It is our mind that is in the driver’s seat always, we might have drastically opposite reactions to the same situation if our state of mind differs. There have been so many theories and doctrines about the power our mind wields on us. Instances like people walking over burning cinders but escaping totally unscathed because of the power of concentration and positive thinking are just incredible.

Even in the day to day context, there are numerous instances of the influence our mind has over us. As kids, all of us must have had times when we would wait for our parents to be in the right frame of mind before asking them for permission for something which would otherwise not be allowed. In office, you always hope your boss is in a good mood before you request a day off. It is common knowledge that if we start our day right and happy, the rest of the day will follow suit, primarily because our mind is in a good state that day. So be conscious of the power of our mind and treat it with respect.

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