Make or Break Your Job Interview- You have only 30 – 60 secs

You have 60 sec

It is race against time. Every second matters. You get only 30 – 60 secs to make your impression and prove your genius. You have to give in your 100% to prove your worth. This is the moment of your life you were waiting for. You have to utilize the first 30 secs of your interaction or interview to impress the audience or create curiosity to hear more from you. You may be a genius, an expert, a mastermind but all you have is the first 30 to 60 secs to show your talent. You must work hard and practice to give the short and concise summary that quickly gets the point across and seizes the attention of the audience and produce interest in your story.

In the fast paced world today everyone is busy and doesn’t have time and patience to listen to someone for more than 60 secs. We are all accustomed to fast communication. All commercials and sound bytes are 30 to 60 secs. The idea of ‘Elevator Pitch’ is to deliver the summary in 30 sec to 2 min.

The 30 – 60 sec rule applies for every situation. When are attending an interview, all you have is 30 to 60 sec to prove that you are suitable for the job. The 30 – 60 sec rule doesn’t apply only for job interviews; it also applies while you are sending your resume. Your resume must to designed and written in a way to capture the attention of recruiter within 3 to 5 secs. It takes just 3 to 5 secs for a recruiter to trash your resume.

The main reason for many job seeker’s disappointment and repeated rejection of job applicants lack preparation to get the attention in first impressions. The biggest reason why see some get the jobs they desire and some don’t make the cut, is the applicant fail to grab the attention of the audience or the recruiting manager within first 30 – 60 secs.

All job seekers and applicants must work and practice to make the best use of the first impression. When they are sending a resume, it must grab attention within 3 – 5 secs. If you are attending an interview, practice to present yourself in a way to capture the attention within 30 – 60 secs. If you lose the first 30 – 60 secs, it will be tough to bounce back and create curiosity.

The 30 – 60 sec rule apply for all situations. We are all selling ourselves. Our talent, our experience, our skills or our products. Unless we impress our audience within this 30 – 60 secs, we can’t win the customer, the audience, the hiring manager.

If you are applying for a job: make sure the first paragraph on your resume has enough information to grab the attention of the recruiter or the hiring manager.

If you are invited to attend an interview, prepare a summary statement about yourself, what are your strengths, your significant achievements, the areas where you can add value to your future employer. Before you attend your interview in person, practice your smile, your handshake and your eye contact.

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