High Velocity Organizations

Carpe Diem (Seize the Moment) is the trick to a powerful presence and success in today’s world.

High Velocity Organizations – A Brief

It is no longer enough for organizations to stay happy with their market position and revenues. Even if an organization has a lion’s share of the market, it still has to keep innovating and exploring newer avenues to touch base with customers to survive at the top for a long period.

Innovate or Perish is the paradigm today.

With so much competition around and such rapid advancements in technology, it is very important to keep working on products and bringing in new ideas for services. Not only is competition high, the user expectation levels too are very demanding today and to sustain in such an environment, organizations need to have quick decision making and faster time to market for their products and services.

Empowering employees – the key to the change

Employees who work at the front end are the ones who face customers and they are the ones who have a better idea of the consumer pulse today. Involving them in the brainstorming processes is important and harnessing this talent pool can help companies end up with products and services that can cater better to the demand in the market.

Ideation processes need to be revamped

Involving the employees in decision making and ideation processes can help in remodeling the structure of the organization and is likely to result in better products and services while also leading to a more satisfied and loyal workforce. Not only do employees feel heard in such a system, they also feel like a part of the system which results in greater productivity and improved quality.

So, are high velocity organizations all about empowering employees alone?

Empowering employees, implementing quicker decision making, reading market trends, being highly adaptable and quickening the time to market for products and services – all of these are equally important in a high velocity organization so much so that if an organization is to be deemed as a high velocity one, it has to concentrate on all these aspects. Only such an organization can hope to thrive even in adverse economic conditions.

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