Emulate Your Model

When was the last time you saw someone on TV or in the newspaper and told yourself that this is a person you admire and want to emulate. Role models are an integral part of everyone’s life. They can be just about anybody ranging from statesmen and sportsperson to your first teacher or your favorite uncle / aunt. They are people who lead by examples and make dreams seem real and within reach.

It helps to identify some of your role models and understand why you look up to them. It can be because of the hardships they have endured but still managed to achieve the impossible or because of the kind of work they have done. Probably you might find their strength of character and self discipline impressive. Once that is done, try and inculcate those specific qualities in your life. At every juncture in life, you are sure to find people who have been there and done that. It helps to learn from their experiences and mistakes. Decision making also becomes simpler if you have a leader to follow. However, the key here lies in choosing good role models. So make sure you choose the right leader.

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