Discover the Joy of Sharing As Nothing Lasts Forever

Everyone is born alone and born the same. Its only later in life that they acquire material possessions like fame, wealth, knowledge and emotions. Some people get so caught up in their quest for and maintenance of these possessions that they miss out on the very essence of life. They fail to understand that all these are transient in nature and we are only temporary custodians of these possessions. When we die, none of these will matter and we will end up alone just as when we were born.

Things like fame and knowledge cannot grant you happiness by themselves. Their true potential can be realized only if they are shared. Wealth sitting in the bank can only add zeroes to your bank balance but if shared with the less fortunate, it will give the joy of gifting someone a reason to smile. Knowledge is practically useless if locked up in the méninges of one’s brain but if shared can help fellow humans simplify their lives. Similarly, pent up emotions only serve to isolate you from your loved ones. Set them free and you’ll discover the warmth of being surrounded by people who love and look up to you. And as nothing lasts forever, start sharing before you have nothing left!

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