Connect With Job Interviewer

Connect With Interviewer

Nonverbal signals set the stage for a workable friendship. Eyebrows, head tilts, and smiles speak volumes. You have received an invite to attend an interview. You have prepared to make the best use of the opportunity. You are stressed and excited at the opportunity. You have dressed in the best possible way, and you are at the venue before time to make sure you are at there at the scheduled time. At the same time, you must also focus and practice on your body language to connect with the interview.

Make Eye Contact

Think of how crappy it feels when you are talking to someone, and he is looking around or looking at something else. Looking down or ignore another way can come as alof when someone is talking to seriously. There can be nothing more serious than your interview, and it deserves your full attention.


The most powerful nonverbal signal is a genuine smile. We judge those with smiling faces to be more likeable and attractive and less dominant, as well as friendly. As a smile releases endorphins, giving us a sense of well-being. It is also difficult not to smile back at a person who is smiling at you, a reciprocated smile makes your interviewer feel good. Making people feel good about themselves is critical to connect with them.

Hand Shake

The importance of proper handshake cannot be overrated. Shake your hand firmly and don’t pull your hand till the other person

Use The Job interviewer Name

Everyone like to be addressed personally, make sure you remember the name of your job interviewer and pronounce the name correctly. Wrong pronouncing the name may backfire.


Mind Your Body Language

Exhibit proper body language. Different posture can convey very different meaning. The body language will have an enormous impression on how you are perceived and facilitate rapport.

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