Build a Top Performing Team

The real key to recruiting and retaining a team of people through thick and thin is leadership. An inspirational leader is one who draws in fairly adequate people and hones them into a top performing team not merely through his own personal magnetism or charisma but through certain time tested actions.

Very essence of team building is to have a clear cut vision – where you see your business in next 3 or 5 years and what that means to your organization and to your team. An inspirational leader does not compel his team member to follow him so that he can build a performing team. They are invited on a journey – on a road map which was determined on the basis of the aforementioned vision. This means developing a plan and articulating it to your team members – to get them excited about business prospects, about career prospects thereby inspiring them into extending their wholehearted cooperation.

Its all very easy to talk about vision and planning but actions speak louder than words. As a leader, you have to lead by example, sincerely demonstrating from time to time your commitment to building your team and to developing a future for them. Further, as a leader, you have to display courage to stand up and take responsibility for your whole team when things go wrong. A leader who has the honesty to face up to it will invariably win everlasting trust and loyalty from his team member which goes a long way in building a top performing team.

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