How To Answer ‘What Is Your Greatest Weakness’ Question

For years now it is becoming more and more hard to get a job.

How will you respond when you have encountered with an interview questions “What’s your greatest weakness?” A handful people think it is a dumb question. Some career coaches even recommend that you leave the job interview instead of answering such silly questions, which is not recommended. Hiring managers can ask any question to see how the candidate reacts to the situation.

You can play this stupid question to your advantage and testify your skills. It is a quality that is vital for any person to identify own weaknesses and work on improving it. Nobody is perfect. The question not to disrespect anyone but to see how the candidate reacts to such provoking questions. You can demonstrate your ability to identify your weakness and your humility to accept the weakness; you discipline to change.

Instead of getting annoyed a candidate can share his experience in life where he or she felt that they couldn’t perform because of some weaknesses. Example, a person had a habit of getting up late in the morning and how he motivated himself and how he change that behavior. Or how a person was weak in some computer applications, and it was affecting their performance, and the learned it.

‘Between stimulus and response there is a space, in this space lies your freedom to choose.’ How you respond to the triggers and stimulus is how you define yourself and brand yourself. That is how you create perception of yourself in other’s minds. Leaders coaching and executive coaching help leaders & executives to measure how stakeholders perceive them and how to change the perception if needed.

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