About Us:

Our greatest glory is not in never falling but, in rising every time we fall.

We at Excel & Succeed, believe in sharing and caring. The financial crisis of 2009 left us deeply traumatized with so many people losing jobs and consequently their homes and assets and it is then that we decided to try to help people. We believe in the power of motivation and inspiration not to mention hard work and we do our bit by helping people rise to their true potential and piece their lives back together. Inspiration meets you halfway and action takes you to the very top and in our spirit of caring and giving, we started helping people with our career coaching and blogging efforts. A social enterprise was born as a result and today we provide the following services:

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

So, what is career coaching all about?

Career coaching isn’t something that we started to spam your inboxes nor is it a marketing gimmick. Our career coaching services provide valuable insights and help you get a new job, rise and shine in your career, helps you achieve your peak performance and enables you to enjoy what you are doing or helps you reach that zenith in your career where you will remain satisfied and utilize your strengths and true potential.

Excel & Succeed will help you build your personal brand and get you the right kind of industry within your company and industry (as the case may be) and drive you to reach great heights in your career.

Can we help you?

If you are asking any of the following questions; you are at the right place! We can help!

  • How can I get the job I like?
  • How can I ace a job interview?
  • How can I negotiate a higher salary?
  • How can I position myself and entice people to hire me?
  • How can I present myself for the next job?
  • How do I get managers notice my work and get ahead?

About the Founder

Mr. Khaleelulla Khan, the Founder of Excel & Succeed is a certified Leadership Coach who has worked for over three decades in top MNCs in both middle and senior management roles. Having been through the process of mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing, Mr. Khan understands how companies retain employees, fire them and hire fresh ones. In a career that has spanned three decades, Mr. Khan has coached hundreds of people and has helped their tap into the complete potential and reach their career peaks and take the corporate world by storm.

Excel & Succeed began as a simple blog and has grown to a mammoth organization today with more than 2000 unique customers. We’ve grown and improved too over the course of time and have a custom made coaching program for every individual.

We believe in providing guaranteed results and No Improvement No Payment is our motto.

Excel N Succeed strives to bring you original and fresh content every week that will enable you to perform better at your respective roles and help you glean the bigger picture. Learn all the facets of job hunting, what’s trending and what’s not and all there is to do with your career improvement every week with our articles and audio content.

Register for your ExcelNSucceed account right away and get access to valuable material – free articles and podcasts as and when they are published! Why wait?

Excel & Succeed continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We coach executives from many industries such as ITS, high tech, financial, energy, business services, consumer products.

how can we help you?

Contact us at Excel & Succeed by phone or email. We will work with you to face the challenge.

“Before coaching from Excel & Succeed, I didn’t know how to showcase my skills and get recognised. I got practical guidance to get visibility. Now, I have my own point of view and aware of what needs to be done. I already got promoted. I have great confidence and see a great future.”

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Project Manager, Financial Services

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