5 Stupidest Job Search Mistakes

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5 Ridiculous job search mistakes to avoid

Anyone who is looking for a new job is working hard to find one. If the person doesn’t have a current job, it is even more difficult for the person to manage the stress. While you are under pressure to find a new job and you commit a ridiculous, stupid mistake, it is like adding salt to injury. It will prolong the job search period, and all your effort will be wasted if you don’t address the problem. Here is the list of 5 mistakes to avoid.

1 – Using a generic resume and covering letter
It is important that when you apply for a job, you tailor your resume and covering letter to highlight your experience in the areas relevant to the new job. For every open position available in the job market, there are hundreds of job seekers chasing. The recruiter is faced with a tremendous workload to scan the resume and look for relevant experience and information before inviting the candidates for interview. Don’t miss the opportunity by sending a generic resume and covering letter

2 – Naming wrong company in a cover letter
All of us try to save time and copy paste our previous covering letters and experiences while applying for an open job position. If you are doing copy paste from a previous document or you are sending an application for multiple jobs positions at different employers, make sure you send the covering letter with the right name to correct employer. If your impatience to apply immediately, you may end up mixing the covering letter and sending the covering letter with the wrong name the potential employer. This will end up in outright rejection of your application because there is no excuse for such mistakes during a job search.

3 – Speaking Negative about Former Employer
No one likes a person who bad mouth about another person. Especially when you bad mouth about your previous employer in front of your future employer. Even when you are faced with the question why you are leaving your previous job, there is no need to talk negatively about your former employer. When you speak negatively about your current or past employer, it makes it difficult for you to get the job.

4 – Inappropriate Social Media Presence.
This is a severe mistake which can damage your chances of getting a job. Any misadventure in the past berating others, or your political affiliation or association to any cult. It will only spoil your chances of getting a new job, but it can also make you lose your current job. You must go through your social media footprints and clean it to remove any inappropriate comments, pictures or messages you have posted in the past. Also, you must take care not to repeat the mistake in future. It takes years to build your reputation, and it takes seconds to damage it.

5 – Don’t Fail To Ask Questions
I have noticed many job applicants answering negatively when asked if they have any questions. This is not the appropriate approach. It sends a message either you are not serious about the job, or you haven’t done your homework properly before coming for the interview. You ask about the open position, why it is open, whether the newly created role or another person was already working on it? You must also enquire about the top three priorities of this position. For more details, please read article “Question to ask a hiring manager.”

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